Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Treat

Made it through Thanksgiving, and I didn't over eat! Whoo-hoo...I think that is a first! I did break down and made myself a little treat, but it wasn't your typical Thanksgiving treat. I had a cup of yogurt, sliced half of a banana on top and then sprinkled it with about a cup of Lucky Charms. It was really sweet and oh so good!

The past couple of days I've actually been sick. I'm not supposed to eat carbs (other than veggies) at night, but when I'm sick that is the only thing I crave. So last night I had a bunch of homemade, whole wheat pancakes. That definitely hit the spot. I wanted them again tonight, but am trying to resist the temptation since I haven't been working out as hard I definitely don't need the extra carbs. There are days when I think I could live off of carbs! :)